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  • Lilac Surprise By Lily's Burbank Florist

    Lilac Surprise By Lily's Burbank Florist

    From $29

    Burbank florist designed, wow factor to the supreme, a birthday stunner! Same day delivery...

  • Lemon Sorbet - By Lily's Burbank Florist

    Lemon Sorbet - By Lily's Burbank Florist

    From $29

    Same day Burbank florist delivery - stunning birthday flower treat or all occasion must.

  • Waltzing With Daises By Burbank Florist

    Waltzing With Daises By Burbank Florist

    From $33

    Care to tango with delicious and every so romantic daisies? Same day Burbank wide delivery...

  • Cuddles By Lily's Florist Burbank

    Cuddles By Lily's Florist Burbank

    From $34

    Such a cute bouquet, comes with FREE chick, vase, and gift card. For a birthday or get wel...

  • Pink And White Delight by Lily's Burbank Florist

    Pink And White Delight by Lily's Burbank Flor...

    From $39

    Featuring spray roses, and white daises, FREE vase and dotted ribbon. So yummy!

  • Dare To Wish By Lily's Florist Burbank

    Dare To Wish By Lily's Florist Burbank

    From $43

    This is one of Lily's Florist Burbank's most popular birthday bouquets. Order online or ca...

  • Birthday Brilliance By Lily's Florist Burbank

    Birthday Brilliance By Lily's Florist Burbank

    From $44

    Bring immense birthday smiles with our most famous Birthday Brilliance. Same day delivery.

  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

    From $49

  • Don't Worry Be Happy By Burbank Florist

    Don't Worry Be Happy By Burbank Florist

    From $49

    If you loved the song, your lover or friend will all in love with these. Same day florist!

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $59

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $59

  • Designers Delight

    Designers Delight

    From $69



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Now You Can Order Flowers from Your Real-Time Delivery Florist 

Founded in 2008, Lily’s Florist is famous for its unique and opulent style.

at Lily’s Florist Burbank, weddings and other wonderful event arrangements are truly breathtaking as they bring a vast wealth of experience to make every occasion original, special and stunning.  

With a thriving nationwide delivery service, here at Lily’s Florist Burbank, freshness, quality and creativity are at the heart of everything they do. Their team of florists and event planners has an immense amount of attention to detail, creativity and experience needed to take your vision for your wedding day or any other special event and turn it into a reality.  

Lily’s Florist Burbank uses locally grown, seasonal flowers and applies inspiration from natural surroundings and seasonal changes. Every Lily’s Florist Burbank bouquet is custom made, using high floral content for a truly luxurious experience. 

Lily’s Florist Burbank’s team will work with you through every step of the way to fashion a gorgeous, memorable occasion. From the initial mood board to the last floral arrangement, they will take care of everything to make your event striking.  

Lily’s Florist Burbank is a complete planning and event design service situated in the exciting section of BurbankThey are a cohesive team of state-of-the-art floral designers, passionate planners and progressive thinkers, thrilled to offer their clients a garland of services, consisting of event design, comprehensive planning and styling, floral design, and custom event connections.  

Whether you are planning a cherished dinner party for 10, a white wedding for 200, or a corporate celebration for 500, Lily’s Florist Burbank looks forward to being your companion in this venture. As a high-end retail florist, Lily’s Florist Burbank loves serving the Burbank area and is renowned for only using the freshest, highest quality flowers in their arrangements. It is obvious they are committed to delighting their customers. 

If you are looking for that stunning floral arrangement, you’re in the right place! We specialise in floral gifts and we believe we can do it better than anyone else. All our bouquets are hand-picked the same day your arrangement is fashioned, using the freshest and highest quality blooms available. 

Lily’s Florist Burbank offers the sensation of luxury at reasonable pricing. They provide all those extras you would see at any other florist, but at more competitive prices thanks to their excellent system that carries the art of fashioning bouquets into the digital era. 

At Lily’s Florist Burbank, every order is significant to them. Whether your order is small or large, customer satisfaction is their highest priority; meaning that they are continuously steadfast in ensuring that their floral gift arrives on time and in excellent shape every time.    

Their highly skilled floral designers are creating floral gifts that are hand-fashioned in-store and in the workshop. Lily’s Florist Burbank’s skilled florists are leaders in the art of floristry techniques and their flower arrangements are carefully conveyed by enthusiastic delivery staff. They offer same day delivery in Burbank and all their floral gifts are delivered in gorgeous fashionable wrapping or gift box.  

Since Lily’s Florist Burbank has implemented their delivery service, they are committed to sending your flowers on the same day as you order them.  

At Lily's Florist Burbanktheir focus is their clients' satisfaction. It is to them to whom they owe their success. As their clients patronize their flower arrangements and other flower products, they are able to continuously share their passion, becoming a part of their every occasion. With every flower arrangement that Lily’s Florist Burbank deliver and provide their clients with, they make sure that they leave them satisfied. Their brand has also been established in Australia with the enormous contribution of their clients. As they spread the word about the kind of products and the service that they provide them with, they are able to acquire more and more clients as a result. 

Discover Burbank, California 

Burbank is a city made by progress, pride and people. These three elements prepared a smallcountry town into a prosperous city of the moment  

Initially, the land of the present day City of Burbank was a section of two huge Spanish land grants. In 1798, the first part was the massive Rancho San Rafael which was granted to Don Jose Maria Verdugo. Close byafter Mexico's effective proposal for independence from Spain, the Rancho La Providencia was recognized in 1821.

actual history of Burbank commenced when a dentist from New Hampshire traveled west looking for new openings 

In Los Angeles, Dr. David Burbank was very active in real estate when, in 1867, he acquired sections of both ranchos. He joined them into one big farm where he constructed a ranch house, ran sheep, and intermittently sold off minor lots of the farm. Dr. Burbank sold the Southern Pacific Railroad when he realized that the railroad would increase the value of his ranchOn April 5, 1874, the first train traveled through Burbank.  

During the rate war between the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe railroads, low tariffs had people flowing into California, and Dr. Burbank seized an opportunity once again. In 1886, he sold his land to a collection of property investors for $250,000 and the establishment of the Providencia Land, Water and Development Company came about 

The opportunists sectioned off the property forming small farms, a business district and residential lots. On May 1, 1887, they opened the territory for sale, and the town of Burbank was born. In 1911, when the number of inhabitants in the town was 500, the voters sanctioned amalgamation 

The subsequent years brought obvious development in Burbank's progress and in 1917, public leaders Maurice Spazier and Ralph O. Church persuaded Walt Moreland to transfer his truck company to Burbank by offering him a free location to construct. The first major industry for Burbank was the Moreland Truck Company. Years later, the Moreland trucks toured the thoroughfares of the world, displaying the label "Made in Burbank."

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