Birthday Brilliance By Lily's Florist Burbank

Birthday Brilliance By Lily's Florist Burbank

Is there a better way you can think of to spoil a family member or a loved one then with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a birthday appropriate Keepsake like the one on display here?

Birthdays are and always have been a way to celebrate a milestone in ones life and that Milestone can be celebrated to the maximum with this gorgeous bouquet of chrysanthemums, stunning and smiling yellow daisy spray, outstanding orange spray roses, and pretty and picture perfect purple statice.

The bouquet comes with an added birthday treat that we define as a Keepsake and can be used predominantly as a vase for the flowers, or any future flowers that the recipient may receive. There are a plethora of other uses for this gorgeous Keepsake that may include a pencil container for one of the kids in the house, it could even be used to put sugar in in the kitchen. The point is it's a multipurpose Keepsake that keeps on giving!

You can send this in to our Lily's Burbank florist. We can offer same day delivery on orders placed before 2 pm.

What is the difference between a regular rose and a spray Rose? Generally speaking spray roses come from a particular type of Rosebush that provides many roses per stem. I like regular rose bushes that produce one long stem Rose per stem. Traditionally spray roses are used in bouquets where there are generally a mix of other flowers included.

Lily's Florist Tip: Add an aspirin to the water of your flowers not because they have a headache, but because the aspirin helps to keep bacteria from growing in the vase. This keeps your arrangement looking stunning for longer.



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