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Can I get flowers delivered today?
Sure, absolutely that is what we do and what we are very good at, and that is delivering same day flowers to friends and loved ones throughout Burbank. Please ensure though that you get your flower order into us as early as possible the day you want the flowers delivered so that we have enough time to make them and get them out to your loved ones.
There is one small caveat however and that is if you order flowers for a Saturday delivery and you get the order to rest after 12:30 p.m., the flowers will be delivered Monday as early as possible. The same can be said if you order flowers any day from Monday to Friday after 2 p.m., the flowers would be delivered the next day at the earliest possible time.
Can I give you a delivery time?
We tend to not allow you to give us exact times when you want flowers delivered as our delivery drivers can be held up by environmental things like the weather, and also traffic in Burbank tends to be bad during peak times, therefore we do not guarantee delivery times.
That said there are certain occasions that require a little bit more care and turns off timing and in those occasions, we will take that care to provide you with some type of Direction and guidance as per the timing of a delivery. The most obvious one that comes to mind is if you are sending flowers for a funeral service. If you order flowers online for a funeral service and it is at a certain time in most cases we will be able to get the flowers there before the time of the service. We will know it has to be there at a certain time due to the card message that you will add to the flower order. If you are ordering flowers for a funeral over the phone the same thing applies here.
We also deliver flowers to schools and colleges so if you are sending flowers to a teacher we will also know that the flowers need to generally be there before a certain time, again we will know this by the card message.
Are you open on a Sunday?
The shop isn't open on a Sunday however you are most welcome to order flowers on a Sunday for delivery on a Monday. The only Sunday that we are open throughout the whole year is it course Mother's Day, which generally falls on the second Sunday of every May.
Do you deliver to locked gate homes/businesses or apartments?
We definitely can and do however there are few critical details that you must provide us to ensure that the flowers get delivered with the main detail being the cell number of the person who is receiving the flowers. In the cases of delivering same day flowers to any type of gated community or secure building we will generally need to call the recipient of the flowers to either gain access to the area or to meet them at the front of the building. Of course, we will try to avoid at all costs doing this so that we don't spoil the surprise, but in some cases we just don't have any choice.
Do you deliver to medical centres and hospitals in Burbank?
Absolutely we often are delivering get well flowers and new baby flowers too all medical centres and hospitals in Burbank if you are sending flowers to any medical facility you must ensure that you provide us with all the correct details that includes the name and address of the hospital, the naming of the patient, and what room are we number they are in. If the patient for any reason is in ICU we will generally leave the flowers at reception for them to be delivered later as patients in ICU cannot have flowers delivered for obvious reasons.
Don't forget that if you are sending flowers to a loved one who is sick or perhaps for the birth of a new baby that we have a large number of extras that you can add to your order. For example, if someone is not feeling too well you can send them a get well balloon, or through new Mum you can think about sending her a box of chocolates, teddy bear, or even a congratulations balloon.
What usually happens if the person isn't home?
If we go to deliver the flowers and there isn't anyone at home, in almost all cases we will find an extremely safe place to leave the flowers that is both usually out of the sun and out of line of sight of people walking past on the street.
If there is no safe place to leave the flowers we will generally call the recipient to see if they are home, or nearby, if they aren't we will organise to meet them later on and return the flowers to the store. If it is deemed that we will need to return the flowers and store you may need to pay an additional delivery fee, unless of course the recipient of the flowers can visit the store to pick up the flowers.
Do you charge a delivery fee?
No, we don't charge a delivery fee however we do charge a service fee.
What is the best way to contact you?
There are three ways you can contact us, you can call 818 245-5844, or you can send us an email, or you can click on the live chat button and contact us that way. The great thing about live chat is that you get instant answers about anything to do with flowers and flower deliveries.
Do your flowers come in vases?
Most certainly everything you see on our website comes in some type of Keepsake vase that we throw in for free.
How do I order extra products like chocolates or teddy bears?
Unfortunately, you are unable to order extras without first ordering flowers, the reason for this is that we cannot afford to send someone a teddy bear or simply just a box of chocolates, which is why you need to first order flowers.
We have a large range of extra products you can add to your flower or whatever and the price of these range from $15 to $20. They include the likes of chocolates, teddy bears, birthday balloons, best wishes balloons, congratulations balloons, and you baby balloons.
To order any of these extras all you need to do is to find the product that you desire to buy for the one you love for the one you care about, click the add to cart button, then add the extra by pushing the pink add button below the product.
Is your website safe?
Our website has a super safe server and database, we've invested heavily in security that protects both our customers and us as a business.
One of the most obvious signs of our website being Super Safe is if you look at the top of your browser you will see our website address and it has a padlock in it with the word that says secure, it also starts with an https meaning that the website has a high-level SSL certificate attached to it. To qualify for an SSL certificate, you must provide the company with special information about your business and prove who you are.
It's worth noting that our mobile website also has an SSL certificate attached to it so it is also extremely safe to. order online from.
My flowers didn't arrive what can I do?
In the very unlikely situation where your flowers didn't arrive we would urge you to call us as soon as you can. Once you call us we will be able to work out what happened and hopefully organise another delivery for you. If you are not happy to have another delivery we would be more than happy to refund you for the total of your order.
The flowers didn't meet my expectations, what can I do?
If you feel that the flowers didn't meet your expectations from a value point of view, or you ordered something but got something else, we would like you to please take at least two photographs of the flowers and get them to us as soon as possible. We must receive these photographs within a 24-hour period of the flowers being delivered so that we can accurately determine what the issue was. If we do not receive the photographs within that timeframe there is nothing we can do about the issue.
How do I get a refund?
If we determine that your flowers weren't too value, or there was a problem with the order, and we agree that we are going to refund you for the full value of the flowers, we will generally do this within 24 hours of this agreement. Then it usually takes up to 3 days for the money to be returned to your credit card. If you pay by PayPal the transfer of funds back to your account usually happens instantly.
It's so weird but I did one ordering got two charges, what can I do about that?
In some very rare instances when you went to push the pay button there may have been a breakdown in the connection between your Internet and our website, then you may have pushed the button twice also. In these cases, there may have been a double charged to your credit card. You should get your credit card statement and see that your credit card has been charged twice please call us the minute you see it and we would be happy and more than willing to refund you the second charge.
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