Flower Substitution Policy

Substitution Policy

From time to time, due to influences out of our control, like weather & season, we may need to substitute flowers displayed in our product images, with other flowers. We do not take this job lightly and, as such, will only add similar flowers, not less in value than the flowers we are replacing. This means, of course, if we have to replace something, you are going to end up getting better value for money.

It’s something that is necessary, let’s say for example, daisies grown with a local grower get wiped out by insects, or there is some type of our of season morning frost, daises for that day will be very difficult to come by. In the type of example, due to supply, we may need to replace a daisy with a similar flower. It doesn’t happen often, but it may happen, so it needs to be mentioned.

That said, there is one flower that will never be replaced with another – and that is roses. There is simply no replacing roses with another flower. If we happened to be out of a certain color rose (never red) like pink for example, we may replace the pink rose with a more pastel pink rose but like we said, never another flower.

In most cases we will not call you to let you know about our substitution unless we deem it completely necessary like you ordered 36 Red Roses for your 20th anniversary and we only had 24 left in the shop.

We sincerely hope that explains the top of flower substitutions. Please, if you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to call get expert florist advice on (818) 245-5844.
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